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We hope that you can visit us in Winton, Outback Queensland. Winton - the home of Waltzing Matilda



1. Christina Macpherson heard a tune at the Warrnambool Races in 1894, and this was the one that she remembered and adapted in Winton in 1895, and we now know as Waltzing Matilda.

2. Waltzing Matilda was written in the Winton district in 1895 by Banjo Paterson.

3. Waltzing Matilda Day is celebrated on the 6th April each year.

4. Winton is the Birthplace of QANTAS in 1921, the home of boulder opal and dinosaur bones, has the only Musical Fence in the world, and has water coming from deep below the surface of the earth. The water needs to be COOLED down before it can be reticulated.

5. Winton was near the edge of the great inland sea in times past and so fossils of fish, animals (including dinosaurs) and plants abound.

6. The Winton Outback Festival is held each two years and so will be held in 2017. See