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We hope that you can visit us in Winton, Outback Queensland. Winton - the home of Waltzing Matilda


     Waltzing Matilda Centre Ambassadors -
Can you recognise these great Australians ?

The Waltzing Matilda Centre, a not-for-profit organisation operated by the Winton Shire, is proud to record the following great Australians as Ambassadors of the Centre:

      Slim Dusty                  Norman May            Dawn Fraser              John Williamson

    Greg Chappell                             Peter Brock                       J Bart Cummings

  Russell Crowe          Tommy Emanuel            Ted Egan           

            Herb Elliott                                                Tracey Wickham

      Kieran Perkins                             Dick Smith                   Digger James

    Dean Lukin                 John Newcombe                Julie McDonald